New Year, new me?

All over my social media feeds I am seeing lots of New Year resolution posts as I’m sure you are.

Lose weight?
Join a gym?
Spend more time with family?
Change accountant?

Change accountant? Or more importantly have a good look at your finances is not generally on the list, but should it be? Often clients approach me, as they are unhappy with their current service, and/or confused with how it all works, what they are paying and why.

I had a potential new client approach me last year. He had been with his accountant for many years and understandably was apprehensive of change. Better the devil you know!! So we spent some time chatting about his company, his concerns and most importantly his very high tax bills. I went away and had a look at it all (my free “Company Health Check”) and went back to him with new projected tax bills. In the end I saved him over £15,000 annually in his tax bills. Now I don’t want to be misleading as this is not something that happens regularly, and I always warn contractors that if it sounds too be good to be true then it often is!! However, often a fresh approach and look at your company can be all it takes to save you some money. What would you do with an extra £15k a year in your pocket? I will also stress that this saving has not come from creating fictitious expenses or employees or any other of these types of “tax savings”. That is not a service we offer.

If you are looking for an accurate and honest accountancy service where I will work closely with you to manage your account and understand your tax bills, then please contact me by DM. My monthly all-inclusive accountancy and taxation package is only £79 per month and it is quick and stress-free to transfer.