According to HMRC “Being inactive is taking a significant toll on our health and wellbeing – it’s as dangerous to our health as smoking. Workers can spend up to three-quarters of their day sat down, which contributes to a range of preventable health conditions, including the two leading causes of workplace absence: back injuries and stress, depression or anxiety.

In 2016/17, 1.3 million workers suffered from work-related ill-health, which equated to 25.7 million working days lost. This has been estimated to cost £522 per employee, and up to £32 billion per year for UK business.”

Therefore it would be beneficial to assist your employees by offering gym membership as a benefit to them as part of their employment.

To operate this you would ensure have to ensure the scheme was open to all employees and the company would pay for the gym membership directly from their business bank account.  To avoid a BIK (benefit in kind) charge for any director employees the net salary paid out would reduce by the cost of the gym membership.  However the full gross salary is claimed as an expenses along with the payment to the gym.

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